Why Maple?


Working with Maple Immigration Services has its Benefits

Maple Immigration Services was founded by Brandon Miller, a Canadian Government Authorized Immigration Consultant and a proud Canadian; who re-settled back in Canada with his family after travelling the world and living abroad for over a decade. In fact, the entire Maple team understands what drives the desire to settle in Canada and collectively provides the expertise and personalized service that is focused on bringing you to Canada and thriving in your new country!

Even though, Brandon is an 8th generation Canadian that has deep roots/ties to Canada, he is truly an international person who has lived and worked all over the world for most of his career. This experience has given him an understanding of the world and the uniqueness of it, which ultimately translates into a better understanding of your needs.

It is with this underlying passion and this mission that Maple Immigration Services was formed. Brandon is proud to be backed by a group of professionals from around the world who are here to service you and meet all of your needs to ensure a successful result.

Some of the many things that you should expect from the Maple Immigration Services are:

Give you the real deal on your immigration options and likelihood of success

We will always give you an accurate picture right from the beginning, and you can be sure that we will not take your case unless there is a high chance of success. This is the basis of a highly develop process and system.

To be your legal representative who will represent you professionally to the Canadian government

We are certified by CICC to represent your file; act as your legal representative and handle all of the interactions with the government on your behalf. We protect and work in your interest to provide a positive outcome for your case.

A customized/personalized solution that is tailored to fit your needs and achieve your goals

We are "Right Sized" organization that provides tailored solutions to achieve your goals quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. We work to understand your uniqueness and personalize a solution that is right for you.

We plan your immigration case strategically at every step of the process to reach your goal

Your case needs to be planned correctly from the beginning and presented strategically from the outset. Taking a professional approach means that your plan is in place & implemented properly so you achieve your stated objective.

An affordable service with an individualized payment schedule to suit any budget

We understand that finances are different for everyone. We’re always willing to work on an individualized payment strategy that will allow you to get access to professional legal services without sacrificing your access to Canada.

End-to-End solutions that service your needs at all stage of the process

Our services begin from your first phone call to the Maple team, right up to your settlement in Canada. We take holistic approach to immigration and settlement in Canada backed by our proprietary system-The Immigration Success System.

Provide you with ongoing support and help you with any issues that may arise during the process

Our service guarantee to you is to go over and above, with any service that we provide. We provide maximum value, stand by our work and not only will we help you during the immigration process but we will help you unlock your potential in Canada.

Not Sure Where To Start?

Tell us more about your unique situation and we’ll help get your Immigration journey to Canada started.