Why Canada?

Do you know why canada consistently ranks top of the lists of countries to live in?

There are many reasons that Canada is one of the top immigration destinations. Maple Immigration understands that intelligent information is key to any global relocation and part of our tailored approach of educating and empowering clients to reach for their goals and achieve their dreams. In this section, we have gathered a few insights into what makes Canada truly great and, more importantly, the benefits available to you as a legal resident of a country poised for exceptional growth in the 21st Century. Explore further and prepare yourself for a great start!

Reasons why to Immigrate to Canada

A Multi-Cultural, Open and Free society that embraces your culture and diversity

Canada is a multicultural society with protections under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Canadians embrace all the world’s cultures and you do not have to worry about losing your culture as you will be able to find and embrace it here in Canada.

Excellent Standard of Living while continually voted as one of the best places to Live in the world

Without a doubt after just a little research you will find that Canada consistently ranks as one of the world’s best places to live and this is with great reason. Once you arrive and get settled here you will come to understand why survey after survey finds Canada to be such a great place.

Secure Financial System based on Conservative Banking Practices and Institutionalized Safeguards

Being a resource based economy, that is based on conservative banking policies, Canada tends to remain somewhat stable when financial crisis affects the global economy. Canada is based on sound budgetary policy and strict rules for the housing and banking sector.

A country with a low population; a large land area; with a clean and diverse environment

Canada has a population of close to 35 million, & boasts the 2nd largest land area of any nation at 9,985,000 Sq. Km. In Canada you will find one of the largest supplies of fresh water on the planet and all different types of terrain: We have access to different climates & have all four seasons.

Very little Corruption or overt control/favoritism by an Elite Class where everyone has opportunity

Rampant corruption does not provide stability. Canada has very little corruption and a legal system in place that protects its citizens. Generally Canada does not have a business or government system based largely on an elite class that is fueled by nepotism or a caste system.

A Peace Loving Country with Friendly People

Canada is known around the world as a peace loving country. We are proud of our compassionate history and you will find this in our people. Whether you are travelling the world and finding a warm reception as a Canadian or being greeted by “Hello” and a smile from a total stranger. You'll appreciate life in Canada.


An Active Economy with Great Job Prospects

There are always jobs available for people who want to work in Canada, and it is a real myth that things are expensive here. Relative to the high salaries and the low cost of goods there is still room to save for your future and live a nice life.

Free Medical Care available to all residents of Canada

Canada is quite well known for its free health care. No matter who you are or where you are in Canada, you can be assured of free health care. Should it be a simple visit to the doctor for a check-up or open heart surgery, the cost is the same – FREE!

A Safe and Healthy Environment where you will live longer

Migrating from some countries on average will add an extra 20 years to your life. You will be less stressed as you will find a crime rate that is quite low compared to other places in the world. In addition to low crime, people in Canada live a less stressful life and as such live longer than in most places.

Travel the World Freely with a Canadian Passport

Once you are a Canadian Passport holder you hold a ticket to entry to most countries in the world, and will not have problems when wanting to travel freely. The passport is a door opener to most countries due to the sterling reputation of Canada. If you ever do require a visa you can rest easy as it is a very rare instance that your visa will be denied.
excellent children

Excellent Benefits for your Children

One of the most popular reasons for people to come to Canada is to provide a better life, access/ options to a better future for their children and generations to come. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Free Education: All children are required to go to school so they are prepared for life. Education is free up to grade 12 and there are no additional fees needed for a basic education.
  • Subsidized College & University Education: As there is a high value placed on an educated population, access to education is highly subsidized for all Citizens and Permanent Residents.
  • Child Care Allowances: The government provides money to people who have children to help with the upbringing of the children. There are 2 basic benefits given: The Canadian Child Tax Benefit and The Universal Child Benefit.
  • Loans and Grants for School: There are many low interest loans and free money given in the form of a grant to help defray the costs of education for the Canadian public.
  • Children’s savings plans: The government will give money in the form of a grant to savings plans for children so that their education is affordable and to ensure that children are highly educated.

Government Benefits for all Citizens

Canada has a great system of government benefits for all of its citizens. These benefits add to the social safety net, and help Canadians at different stages of life. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Old Age Security & Canadian Pension: After working long years and when you are ready to retire you are sent a check every month of your retirement for each of these 2 benefits.
  • Drug Benefit Plan: There are various plans in place that allow for Free/subsidized drugs and currently a national plan is being put in place to make them available for those in need.
  • Retirement Savings Plans: There are many incentives, plans, and tax free accounts that are available for residents to plan and enjoy their later years.
  • Unemployment Insurance: Should you be unfortunate and lose your job, during your time of transition the government will support you and send you a check to ensure that you can survive.
  • Maternity/Paternity Benefits: Once you are blessed with having a new member of your family in addition to the child benefits you can take time off of work to be with your child while being paid.
  • Subsidized Daycare: Canada is currently introducing highly subsidized/ affordable daycare in order to provide care for it’s youngest citizens but also allow people to be in the workforce.
  • Tax incentives: There are many other tax incentives to support you and your family at different stages of your life.

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