Why Canada?

Why Canada?

As political turmoil and economic uncertainty escalate in many parts of the world, people are looking to settle and move to another country with more stability and opportunity. Not surprisingly, Canada remains one of the top countries for international migrants, with over 313,580 new immigrants admitted in 2019, one of the highest levels in Canadian history. Statistics Canada estimates that immigrants also account for 82% of Canada’s population growth in the last two years.

So, why Canada? Besides the stereotypes that Canadians are friendly and say “Sorry!” a lot, there are plenty of reasons why our country is an appealing destination for immigrants.

Here are some of the top reasons why people want to settle and live here:

Universal healthcare

With a publicly funded system, free healthcare is accessible to everyone in Canada. This is a pillar that we as Canadians see as a basic right. Many places worldwide are unfortunately not lucky enough to have access to this benefit while in other places you will spend your life working only to have your life’s savings syphoned off at the end of your life by the medical institution you find yourself in. As medical care in Canada is provided based on need, rather than the ability to pay, people do not need to worry about going bankrupt if they need prescriptions or require surgery. Such an accessible healthcare system is a determining factor to immigrants looking for increased quality of life and peace of mind.

Accessible education

Home to some of the top schools in North America and the world, Canada boasts accessible and quality education. Education is free until the end of high school and there are very few if any fees that are required to get access to a basic education. Looking forward past secondary school, options for higher education are also quite easily open for students. With grants, scholarships and government assisted programs available, students looking to attend university or college can also apply for zero to low interest loans which they don’t have to pay back until their schooling if finished, and even then these loans are very manageable and in some cases forgivable so that you do not have to spend the first part of your life in a mountain of debt that you have very little ability to clear anytime soon. Lastly, if you are thinking of continuing your education or furthering your career in another country, having a credential from a Canadian educational institution will be recognized and established worldwide.

Multicultural and diverse population

With a recent census estimating that more than one in five Canadians are foreign-born, Canada is home to people of different backgrounds and cultures. While the official languages are English and French, there are a multitude of languages being used and spoken in the country.

Many cities even have designated areas for certain ethnicities such as Chinatown or Little Italy. Different cultural and religious holidays are celebrated throughout the year. This affords Canada to be a truly inclusive society where very different traditions all come together to form the Mosaic that we are proud to call Canada.

Low Crime and High Stability

With low crime rates and little to no civil unrest, Canada is a safe and peaceful place to live which attracts many immigrants, especially those coming from countries run by corrupt governments or in political strife. Canada was ranked the 6th safest country according to the Global Peace Index with this safety ranking based on internal conflicts, levels of crime, and political stability. This country is based on the rule of law and this provides the stability that is required for this country to flourish and allow people to live a life of less stress and safety so that they can concentrate on what really matters and that is building a future for themselves and their family.

Multiple Options for Foreigners to Stay in Canada

There are many options available, not only if you want to come to Canada to visit but also if you want to stay in the country. Whether you are here as a student or as a worker, immigrants can choose between different pathways to apply for permanent residency such as through Express Entry. Some immigration programs also allow applicants to declare and bring their family members, so everyone can attain permanent residency and be together.

Permanent residents are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship once they have met the requirements for citizenship, which includes proving the amount of time they lived in Canada and their language abilities. The immigration system allows foreign settlers to choose between the different routes that the system has to offer.

Freedom to Travel

Immigrants wanting to be Canadian know that a Canadian passport allows more freedom to travel and access to more opportunities. A Canadian passport was in 9th place on the list of the most powerful passports. This power ranking is according to the number of destinations the passport holders can access without a Visa. As a Canadian, you will have access and entry to many other countries, without an eTA and a Visa, and you can also travel freely within Canada. There are also many instances where people who are working in some countries have resumed employment at higher renumeration rates only based on the fact that they are Canadian Passport holders.

Better and Longer Life

Due to the many factors listed above, living and settling in a progressive, highly developed country and being Canadian leads to an increased quality of life especially when you start to look at how much lifespan you can gain by living in Canada. Based on statistics, you could add upwards of 14 years of life by moving to Canada from India or the Philippines, for example. The accessibility to free healthcare, better education and career opportunities allows for longer, better living than staying in a country that is more dangerous and uncertain. Being a Canadian means having the rights and freedoms not available in other parts of the world.

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