The Maple Team

Brandon Miller – Managing Director

Brandon is a certified Immigration Consultant with ICCRC and is the founder of Maple Immigration Services.

Brandon is passionate about everything immigration and enjoys not only helping people to come to Canada but seeing that they get integrated into the country. Although Brandon’s main focus is to provide immigration legal services, he has worked as a settlement counselor, a volunteer to the regulatory body and a teacher at a local college where he enjoys teaching and mentoring new immigration students.

Brandon has firm family roots in Canada, but he has traveled and worked extensively overseas extensively for over a decade, which allows him to identify and service clientele from many different countries. Brandon is married and lives in Toronto with his wife and 2 young daughters.

Norbert Stanchley

Norbert is an Honours Graduate of Herzing College’s Immigration Consultant Diploma Program. He completed his internship with Maple Immigration where he went on to become licenced with ICCRC.

Norbert started his working career as an archaeologist prior to becoming an Immigration Consultant. When not in Ontario, he still enjoys conducting archaeological research on ancient Maya Civilization in the small country of Belize, Central America, where he met his Belizean wife. Norbert was born in Toronto to German immigrant parents. He speaks German and some Spanish. He is married with two children.

Samanta Jaramillo – Client Intake Assistant

Samanta is one of the first points of contact as she handles all client intake for Maple Immigration Services. Samanta is responsible for the back-end administration and coordination while working in a supportive role on the Maple Immigration Services team. She enjoys interacting with clients and working with them to achieve their goals.

Samanta was born in Peru and migrated to Canada with her family at the young age of two years old. Although she has lived in Canada most of her life, Samanta often travels back to Peru. This has inspired her desire for travel and interest in immigration matters. Samanta is a graduate of McMaster University with an Honours Degree in Mathematics with a minor in French. She also speaks Spanish and English fluently.

Mariel Gonzalez – Client Processing Assistant

Mariel is responsible for the overall office administration and coordination between the Maple Immigration Services team and the clientele during the processing stage and building of files. Ms. Gonzalez is integral at virtually all stages of The Maple process but works mainly in the collecting and assembling of client documentation.

Originally hailing from the Philippines, Mariel came to Canada at a very young age and therefore she understands moving as a dependent and all of the challenges that it entails. Mariel has an Honors Degree in English from the University of Toronto and speaks Bisyaan and English fluently.

Andy Le – Associate

An (Andy) Le is a member in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada with over 25 years of legal experience representing clients in administrative hearings and court proceedings. Mr. Le’s interest in law started at a young age in his native Hue. His father was a well known lawyer, turned legal scholar, who now teaches at a prestigious law school.

Mr. Le is a well-known professional of the local Vietnamese and international community. Mr. Le is an important asset to the Maple Immigration Services team as he serves as a bridge to our personalized approach. He works closely with Mr. Brandon Miller in the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program to maintain the quality and efficiency of each file throughout the entire process.