The Maple Process

There are many steps involved with your immigration to Canada and this section of the website serves to explain how you will move in each phase from the beginning of your application to finally ending up in Canada.

As there are numerous programs within the Canadian system of immigration with the rules changing all the time, it is not possible to put down the exact process for each program. So with this in mind we have instead chosen to give you a general look at the steps involved in immigrating and getting settled in Canada, so that you can see how easy Maple Immigration makes it for you.

We have broken the process into 5 stages with each stage being detailed below:

Preliminary Assessment Stage

No matter which program you are applying under we need to thoroughly assess your application.

As there are currently 75+ immigration programs in addition to other sub categories, we need to be able to identify which category (or Categories) you qualify for and then work to identify your easiest and most effective route to immigrate to Canada.

This is a very important part of the process as it allows us to advise you and set you on the right course, while ensuring your success.

After completing the assessment we will have a result to you within 2 Business Days (assuming that you submit a complete assessment) and then we can work to identify your easiest path forward.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you do in fact qualify and you are serious about coming to Canada, we will work with you to get your application under way as Canadian immigration is dynamic and changes all of the time. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE TIME AS YOU RUN THE RISK OF LOSING YOUR CHANCE FOREVER.

File Preparation Stage

Now that you have decided to press ahead with your application we will formalize our working agreement and Maple Immigration Services will become your official representative.

At this point we will work out a plan as to how best to proceed with your application to meet your goals and ensure your success. We will work to build your file so that your case is best represented with the Canadian government.

This is the stage of the process where a lot of the work takes place and we will work closely with you to ensure that all of the information is presented to maximize a positive result for your application.

At the end of this stage your application will be complete and after the final checks it will then be submitted to the Canadian government. You will receive your file number from Citizenship and Immigration Canada and at this point your file in now “In process.”

Submission Stage

At this point in the process, your file has been submitted and is going through the course with the government authorities. This is where Maple Immigration Services really takes over and works to track your application process while relying on the thoroughness of the application preparation to ensure that your file does not get caught up into the bureaucracy of the system.

The Maple Immigration Services team will keep you updated and respond to any inquires made on behalf of your file, while advising you on the next steps and what is to be expected during all stages of the process. This stage is unnerving for many clients as they have no choice but to wait. Rest assured you can sleep well as the team is constantly monitoring the development of your file.

Pre-Departure Stage

So now you have been given the go-ahead and you are ready to come to Canada – CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are a member of the select few who are chosen to come and make Canada your home.

Although it is time to celebrate it is not time to become complacent, this is now where you will enter into the most important part of the process – The Settlement process.

It is time to make the final arrangements for your arrival in Canada while wrapping up things in your homeland in preparation for your move.

We will work closely with you and ensure that you are given the resources and information that you need to get off to the right start, even before you land in Canada.

Settlement Stage

You have now arrived in Canada and you will need to get settled into your new home. There are many things to do and since Maple Immigration Services has already taken care of your entry to the country, we want make sure that you are guided further to your settlement.

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