The Maple Process


Immigration to Canada is Easy…if you have a plan and can implement the plan. It is important to have a strategy that is dynamic and able to adapt to the everchanging immigration system but also to make sure that you know all of your steps to your goal instead of just doing things one step at a time. This is how you will “Win” and be able to call Canada your home!

It is essential to know that there are numerous programs within the Canadian Immigration system with the rules changing all the time, and even new programs being added that weren’t there 6 months ago.

So, what may have been true 1 month or 1 year ago is not true now, but that won’t matter to you as you have taken this into account and are prepared with a plan and have the Maple Immigration Team and The Immigration Success System™  working for you!


The Immigration Success System™ was conceived and created by Brandon Miller who over the course of a decade has used this system to help thousands of people immigrate and settle in Canada. The system is comprised of three stages (Planning, Implementation, & Settlement) that are further broken down into eight distinct steps.



The Planning Stage

The Planning Stage is a two-step process. It begins with the discovery session to determine the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective options for the client to immigrate to Canada. It ends with the creation of your Immigration Blueprint, which is a personalized plan designed to execute the application to maximize its success through all stages of The Immigration Success System™.

The Implementation Stage

The three step Implementation Stage begins with the building of the application and is guided by the Immigration Blueprint. The next step is the successful application submission and ends with planning and preparation for the final step of the implementation stage – landing and becoming a Permanent Resident of Canada.

The Settlement Stage

The Settlement Stage begins with formulating a unique pre-settlement plan designed to ensure your successful transition into life in Canada and provide you with a framework to a successful settlement advantage over others and ends with you achieving your ultimate goal of Canadian Citizenship.

The three stages of the Immigration Success System are designed to meet your immigration goals and to obtain your Second Passport!



The Discovery Session

The Discovery Session™

GOAL: To determine the client’s quickest, easiest and most cost-effective options.

The initial step is to gather and assess information from the client to lay the groundwork for successful immigration to Canada. The session explores all aspects of the prospective client’s personal history, family history, education history, employment history, immigration/travel history, language ability and other areas that might be pertinent to the persons unique situation.


The Immigration Blueprint™

GOAL: To remove the guesswork with a well thought out plan for a seamless transition to Canada.

After all of the information has been gathered, it is used to devise a personalized plan which forms the basic plan of attack for the client. This plan will be used to execute the immigration application which will maximize success with a roadmap for all stages of this journey.



The Application Build™

GOAL: To provide the basis for success with a solid case for your file submission to Canada.

Once the blueprint is designed and finalized it is time to start the implementation stage by building the application. This is where the carefully laid plans will start to come to fruition, where the various pieces of information and documentation will be collected and then crafted into what will form the finalized package for submission to the government authorities.


The Tactical Submission™

GOAL: To complete the processing by the government easily with a well-documented application

You are now in a battle for your future. You have built a comprehensive application, which is ready for processing, but this is not the time to relax as it is imperative that we stay ahead of the application process by anticipating next moves as the application flows through the bureaucracy. You will be prepared and proactive as opposed to reactive at all stages of the process.


The Landing Experience™

GOAL: To land as a permanent resident and set the stage for a successful settlement in Canada.

The waiting is over, but it is not time to become complacent while Landing in Canada, even though becoming a Permanent Resident is a huge milestone. This is going to be one of the memorable experiences in the journey and is a nice feather in your cap of success. You will be ready to land and will be prepared for all technicalities in order to ensure a smooth transition.



The Pre-Settlement Formula™

GOAL: Have an action plan for your arrival and allow you to be prepared and set to move forward.

This stage is where you will be pre-planning your settlement in Canada prior to your landing. This formula will be unique to you and will put you ahead of other newcomers as you will have already completed many steps most do not even consider prior to arriving in Canada, thus you will save time, money and energy while reducing stress and frustration, all the while setting you up for success.

The Settlement Advantage™

GOAL: To deploy the Pre-Settlement Formula that you have devised to settle into your new Canadian life.

Building upon the formula that forms the basis of your settlement plan, you are now in Canada and moving quickly to get settled in while starting your new life in Canada. You have the advantage of arriving in Canada with a fully executable plan while understanding where and how you will be supported in your new home and what resources you will need and how to deploy them.

The Citizenship Solution™

GOAL: To get your Canadian Citizenship and your Second Passport.

The last and final phase is your journey where you reach your ultimate goal of becoming a Canadian citizen. After all of your hard work, you have solidified your place in Canada as a citizen. You have secured your Canadian future for you and your family for generations to come and have been able to achieve what so many people have aspirations of. Congratulations, you did it!

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