Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Spouse Work Permit Canada

Do you have a spouse who works or studies in Canada? If so, you should work with an immigration consultant who can help you with the process of getting a spouse work permit Canada. Maple Immigration Services is an immigration consultant who can guide you with a spouse work permit in Canada. Our team can help you, using the right techniques and experience.

Spouse Work Permit Canada

How long will the process take?

The processing time for a spouse work permit Canada can differ depending on a number of factors. The main factor is the processing time with the immigration intake office or IRCC. So, if you are concerned about the processing time needed for the particular type of application, you can check out the current guidelines on the official website of the Government of Canada. You can also just let us know your concern.

Is it possible to get your spouse open work permit extended?

The spouse work permit is dependent on the specific permit for your spouse. So, when the permit of your spouse expires, you cannot get your spouse work permit Canada extended. If your work permit expires, you can reapply for it, according to the your spouse’s permit. The exception to this is if you are being sponsored by a Canadian or permanent resident under a Canadian sponsorship for family class.

Do I need to wait before applying for a work permit after my wedding?

There is no such need to wait until you are married. It completely depends on you when you want to apply for a work permit. So, take things at your own pace and apply for it whenever you are ready for the process. However, you can only file if you do get married, or if you are in a Common Law relationship.

Can I work in any location of the country with a spouse open work permit?

Yes, you can easily work in any location, and for any employer. However, there can be some restrictions. So, remember to check with us, before you decide which location you want to work when you are in Canada.

Is it possible to add dependents on the spouse open work permit?

If you have any dependent children, they can also be added while applying for the spouse work permit Canada. The children will have to accompany you when you apply for the visitor record, if they are not old enough for school. The other option, if the kids are of school age, would be to apply for a study permit. This will allow them to study in Canada. This is a benefit of having a parent with a study permit, or a work permit in Canada.

Spouse Work Permit Canada

What to do if my spouse work permit is refused?

In case you face a refusal for your spouse work permit, you can easily apply again. But you should consult with a professional so that you can find out, and address the real reasons for the refusal. This will put you in a better spot for approval. If there was any specific reason for the refusal, you should ensure to address it by providing more details, and documents when you reapply for the work permit.

If you wish to get the right help for obtaining your spouse work permit Canada, you can easily rely on us at Maple Immigration Services. To learn more, contact us now!

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