Spouse Sponsorship Canada: Your Obligations As A Sponsor

How wonderful it would be to have your spouse relocate to Canada to build a happy life together! It is not impossible to achieve this. You can always look into spouse sponsorship Canada,to sponsor your spouse, and help them move to Canada with you.

Spouse Sponsorship Canada

It might sound really exciting to have your spouse with you, but remember that spouse sponsorship Canada is a legal process. You must be aware of your role as a sponsor. At Maple Immigration Services, we have worked with clients with unique requirements to help them become a sponsor for their spouses. Our consultants will ensure that you know your obligations as a sponsor.

So, What Are Your Obligations with Spouse Sponsorship Canada?

If you decide to sponsor your spouse and dependent children to Canada, you need to sign an undertaking. This undertaking states that you will provide financial support to your spouse and dependent children, to fulfill their basic needs. These basic needs include:

  • Clothing, food, shelter, and anything that supports their everyday living.
  • Eye care, dental care, and any other health care requirement which isn’t covered by public health services.

Things to Remember After Signing the Undertaking

  • Before you sign the undertaking for spouse sponsorship Canada, make sure that your spouse and dependent children will not receive any social assistance from the government. If they will, then you will be in default. You will have to pay back the money they received while you are legally responsible for them.
  • This undertaking is legally binding, ensuring support for the spouse and dependent children. It will be in effect for the entire length of the sponsorship, even if your situation changes. You can’t change/cancel the undertaking even if:

    • You have separated, divorced, or broken up with your sponsored person.
    • If the sponsored person becomes a Canadian citizen.
    • The sponsored person has moved to another province.
    • You are struggling financially.

You can always consult our immigration consultants at Maple Immigration Services to understand the minute details of spouse sponsorship Canada.

Length of Undertaking with Spouse Sponsorship Canada

As mentioned above, the undertaking can’t be cancelled. So, you must know the length of the undertaking to plan your finances accordingly.

The length of undertaking differs based on who you are sponsoring.

  • For your spouse or a dependent child above 22 years of age, the length of the undertaking is 3 years.
  • For a dependent child below 22 years of age, the length of undertaking is 10 years.

Spouse Sponsorship Canada

You can see that spouse sponsorship Canada is a complicated process, with several important requirements. Contact us at Maple Immigration Services, to ensure you are successful in sponsoring your spouse and dependent children.

We provide bespoke immigration services to our clients, ensuring successful relocation to Canada. Call us now to find out more.

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