Brief Overview of Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Canada

Have you been looking into federal skilled worker immigration Canada provisions? If so, then you have landed on the right page. At Maple Immigration Services, we work with several applicants from around the world who are looking to integrate into Canadian society. Whether it is spousal sponsorship, spouse open work permit, federal skilled worker immigration Canada, and more, we provide customized solutions to our clients, while we help them immigrate to Canada.

Skilled Worker Immigration Canada

When it comes to federal skilled worker immigration provisions, the process can be complicated to understand. However, our consultants have therefore tried to provide a simple and brief overview of these provisions.

  • To be eligible for federal skilled worker immigration, you must have full-time, continuous, one-year work experience or part-time continuous work experience in the past 10 years in one of the 370 occupations listed in the National Occupational Classification system.
  • Your work experience must come under one of the TEER categories starting from 0 to 3 of the National Occupational Classification system.
  • There are six selection factors under the federal skilled worker immigration Canada program. You must score sufficient points in this grading system.
  • You must showcase your language proficiency by undergoing language testing. You must have at least an intermediate level of language proficiency. This proficiency must be in English and French.
  • You must have enough settlement funding to apply for federal skilled worker immigration Canada.
  • You must undergo a thorough medical examination and security check.

Six Selection Factors

The six selection factors of federal skilled worker immigration programs include:

  • Language– Minimum 16 points, maximum 28 points

  • Education– Maximum 25 points

  • Age– Maximum 12 points

  • Employment experience– Minimum 9 points, maximum 15 points

  • Adaptability-Maximum 10 points

  • Arranged employment-0-10 points

The total points for these selection factors are 100. Thus to qualify, you must get 67 points or higher.

Now without a doubt, you have a better understanding of the federal skilled worker immigration program. So, once you have received an invitation to apply, you must submit your application form within 60 days of the invitation.

Skilled Worker Immigration Canada

To learn more about the federal skilled worker immigration Canada, get in touch with us at Maple Immigration Services. We work with clients all around the world and provide them with customized and bespoke solutions for seamless immigration to Canada. Our consultants will be glad to help you understand the process and create a significantly more straightforward process for a successful application. Call us now to find out more about our immigration services.

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