Your Guide to a Secure Alternative Home for You and Your Family... Just in Case

For more than a decade, author and immigration specialist Brandon Miller has been helping people successfully plan and execute a successful Canadian Immigration Application and kickstart their life in Canada seamlessly. This book will give you a simple approach from a seasoned professional which will teach you how to: 

  • Effectively plan your application and your successful future in Canada;
  • Avoid the most common mistakes that people make with their application;
  • Navigate the Canadian Immigration system like a professional;
  • Plan and get off to a great start in Canada;
  • Settle into Canada and use your skills to leap ahead of everyone else.

The Author

It was only by mistake, a little investigation and series of serendipitous events that allowed Brandon to shift gears from the education industry to his Canadian immigration calling. What is most ironic is even as a native-born Canadian with a long lineage in Canada he had to reintegrate himself back to Canada after being away for so long.

He identifies with the same challenges that his clients face, as he returned to Canada with a wife that he now had to sponsor in the immigration system and an infant child that he wanted to grow up under a Canadian value system. 

Brandon operates Maple Immigration Services, a boutique immigration practice in Toronto, Canada, where he has helped countless people find their way to Canadian shores and settle in successfully to their new home. Brandon first and foremost is a proud Canadian who sees himself as a nation builder responsible for shaping the Canada of tomorrow with its true asset—the people who call Canada their home.


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Enjoy our resources on Canadian Immigration, Settlement tips, and things you need to know as a Newcomer!

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Enjoy our resources on Canadian Immigration, Settlement tips, and things you need to know as a Newcomer!

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