PR Card Replacement or Renewal



The Permanent Resident Card is proof of your PR status here in Canada and is required for travel in or outside of the country. If you are replacing a lost, stolen or damaged Permanent Residence Card (PR Card) you will be required to complete and submit an application package. This application package also applies to those that did not receive a P.R. Card within 180 days of immigrating, if you are renewing an expired PR Card or you legally changed your name and need to update your PR card.


To qualify you must have permanent resident status in Canada and submit the application package in Canada. If you are outside Canada and do not have a valid PR Card to return, you must get a Permanent Resident Travel Document.

If you are required to replace a PR Card that was either lost or stolen you will be required to explain, what the circumstances were. If you are replacing your card because of a name change you will be required to show proof (example, Marriage Certificate).

Everyone’s situation is unique when it comes to replacing their PR card and if you would like to get some advice about this place Connect with Us and then we will be able to assist.



Upon receiving your renewed or replaced PR Card you will be able to travel as usual and prove your status when requested or required to travel into or outside the country. As a permanent resident in Canada, you can use the time to qualify and apply for Canadian Citizenship.


While everyone’s case and circumstances are different, there are some common traps, pitfalls, and misconceptions when it comes to applying under this program. Here are some general and common ones we have experienced and encountered throughout the years:

You must have been physically present in Canada for minimum 730 days to meet the residency obligations. These days don’t need to be continuous and depending on your circumstances, you can also count days abroad, for example, if you worked for a Canadian company overseas. Sometimes, the calculations can be complicated so if you need help with your application, it is best to do a consultation and get the proper advice. 

Even if your PR card is expired, you do not lose your permanent resident status in Canada. Many people think that their PR is tied to the expiry. This card is only used to allow you to board a commercial carrier and may not be necessary if you are in private transportation.

Although you don’t lose your PR status, you still need a valid PR card if you want to travel outside and enter Canada. You can request urgent processing of a PR card and you should renew your card if it is expiring soon, but you should NOT rely on this.

You will need to do biometrics if you are applying for your PR card if:

  • You were younger than 14 years old when you applied for PR and you applied for PR on or after July 31, 2018
  • And you’re older than 14 years old when you apply for the PR card renewal

If your PR Card is valid for more than nine (9) months, then you should not apply for a renewal. Your application will be returned. You will need to apply for a renewal when it is closer to expiry or if you legally changed your name.


We understand that information can be found on the Internet and there are lots of other consultants or lawyers out there, so things can certainly get confusing very quickly for you. However, our value is in our services and how can simplify a sometimes-complicated process while anticipating and proactively making this whole process easy for you, from the start to the end of your immigration journey. We will guide you and provide:

  • An affordable service with an individualized payment schedule to suit any budget
  • Comprehensive documents required for the process, including information and tips that can’t be found on the IRCC website
  • Personalized immigration advice and solutions that are tailored to your case
  • Collaboration with a licensed immigration consultant who will communicate and represent your case on your behalf
  • Support and Assistance through every stage of the process, from the application to the arrival in Canada.


A: You will need a valid PR card to board a plane or enter back inside Canada. You can apply for a Permanent Resident Travel Document. You will need to check the specific documents needed for the country where you are applying from.

A: No, your PR card will be sent to you by mail after you have received your COPR. You do not need to do a separate application for the card.

A: Depending on your situation, you can note:

  • If you were outside Canada working for a Canadian business or public service, where you must provide evidence of your employment and that the company has a Canadian head office
  • If you were accompanying a Canadian PR who is working for a Canadian business abroad, where you will need to show your relationship to them and proof of their employment
  • If you were accompanying a family member who is a Canadian citizen (this person is your spouse, common-law partner, or parent), where you will need to show your relationship to them

A: Yes. You will need to meet at least 730 days since the year you became a PR. If you have been a PR for more than five (5) years, then you must have minimum 730 days in the previous five (5) years.

A: That will depend on the current processing times and each file processing will be treated as its own case.

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