Avoiding Different Types Of Immigration Spousal Sponsorship Frauds

A lot of people deal with immigration spousal sponsorship frauds all around the world. However, you need to learn how you can protect yourself from these kinds of frauds. In such a situation, you can rely on a reputable company like us at Maple immigration services. We will ensure that you have a safe and comfortable experience when you are planning to get your immigration spousal sponsorship.

Immigration Spousal Sponsorship

There are many scammers who may try to fraud you. So, let’s find out some tips that can make your journey safer and easier.

Immigration information

Imagine waking up one day and receiving an email from a supposed immigration representative. If you have not filled in your information in any form or contacted the representative on your own, this can be a fraud. Most immigration consultants will wait for you to contact them, or show your interest in some way for immigration spousal sponsorship services. When finding immigration services online, make sure that you only choose a reliable website that will keep your information safe.

Immigration Consultants

Immigration consultants should have the valid certification and be registered with the College of Citizenship and Immigration Consultants which was previously Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. Legitimate consultants can be reliable when you require help with the entire immigration spousal sponsorship process. However, in case you require help with federal court representation, you should work with immigration lawyers who work in this area. These lawyers should also have the right credentials and experience to represent you.

How to avoid scams

  • The first thing that you should ensure is checking the credentials of the immigration consultant you choose. If the immigration consultant does not provide the authorization information or does not confirm their credentials, you should be very cautious.

Immigration Spousal Sponsorship

  • No one can guarantee you that your application will be accepted. So, if someone promises acceptance, they may not be reliable. The right immigration consultants will make sure that your application is correct and all the information is authentic. This will help increase the chances of your acceptance. They can also guide you in the right direction in case you face a refusal.
  • When paying for the immigration service, you should only transfer money to the corporate bank account of the immigration service. Any personal bank accounts should not be trusted. The right immigration consultants can easily tailor their services according to your preferences.

If you wish to work with the most trusted immigration consultants, you can contact our team at Maple Immigration Services. The immigration spousal sponsorship services offered by us are completely reliable, and all our consultants are certified. So, you do not need to stress about anything. Connect with us to get more information.

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