Global Talent Stream



This program has been created to address the needs of the IT/Tech Sector and allow organizations the ability to access specialized talent worldwide. Additionally, while ensuring that the specialized worker has skills that not only add to the organization and the role that they are sought for, but there is also a presumption that they will be imparting their skills/expertise to the Canadian workforce to further develop local skills and talent.

Employers who wish to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to hire foreign workers positions for specialized positions fall under 2 categories under the program which is either by an endorsement from one of the designated organizations under the program or be hiring under an occupation that is listed under one of the listed occupations.


It is important to satisfy all the requirements under the program. Employers must supply verification that their business and job offer are legitimate, along with a Labour Market Benefits Plan explaining how hiring the foreign worker will help the Canadian job market and strengthen the economy. Employers must be committed to providing salaries for unique and specialized positions of at least $80,000 or equivalent to the prevailing wage in most cases.


The program is an amazing program and allows the foreign worker to apply for a work permit within two weeks, so employers can hire foreign workers at a faster rate. This allows the worker to get started and working in a very short period thus meeting the needs of a very fluid/dynamic industry that requires the talent in a timely manner.


While everyone’s case and circumstances are different, there are some common traps, pitfalls, and misconceptions when it comes to applying under this program. Here are some general and common ones we have experienced and encountered throughout the years:

To apply under Category A of the Global Talent Stream, you must be an employer that is a designated referral partner. These are innovative Canadian companies that can be found on the link here. The list is being constantly updated so it is important to make sure that it is current.

If you are applying under Category B for a unique and specialized position, then this can be tricky as there are specific requirements, such as the wage, job duties and the correct NOC Code for the position. Not having the correct job offer information may cause issues with your file and may lead to a refusal. It is VERY important to ensure that you have the correct NOC selected and the proper wage as per the requirements of the program based on your geographic region.

This is an essential part of the application and can be difficult to put together for some. You will need to come up with various mandatory and complementary benefits that promote skills, job creation and investment for the Canadian labour market. These must be achievable, and you must commit to putting these in place.

Under the GTS, unique and specialized position are categorized as positions with advanced knowledge of their industry, with advanced degree/qualifications in that area. They must have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field of specialized experience with minimum $38.46 per hour for a base salary of $80,000 CAD, or equivalent to the prevailing wage for the occupation if it is higher.


We understand that information can be found on the Internet and there are lots of other consultants or lawyers out there, so things can certainly get confusing very quickly for you. However, our value is in our services and how can simplify a sometimes-complicated process while anticipating and proactively making this whole process easy for you, from the start to the end of your immigration journey. We will guide you and provide:

  • An affordable service with an individualized payment schedule to suit any budget
  • Comprehensive documents required for the process, including information and tips that can’t be found on the IRCC website
  • Personalized immigration advice and solutions that are tailored to your case
  • Collaboration with a licensed immigration consultant who will communicate and represent your case on your behalf
  • Support and Assistance through every stage of the process, from the application to the arrival in Canada.


A: As an employer, you will need to apply for an LMIA. The basic overview of the LMIA process is as follows:

  • Identify position (s) that must be filled, with job duties and details
  • Identify worker (s) for hire
  • Identify Category for application
  • Apply for LMIA with required documents
  • After LMIA is submitted, you will need to do an interview with a Service Canada officer
  • The officer will verify the need for a worker and the details for the LMIA
  • LMIA is approved for you the employer
  • After this, the next steps are on the worker, who will use the LMIA to apply for their work permit

A: The costs for the process will vary for each situation but generally, the employers will need to be responsible for any government fees, such as for the LMIA to hire the foreign workers. If you are bringing in someone for a skilled position, then your obligations with respect to job offerings (such as accommodation and flights) are optional.

A: We offer full services for both applications and can assist with you both processes. Alternatively, we do have some creative ways to be able to work collaboratively with some clients and larger organizations. Let us know what you are thinking as we are always open to work in a manner that meets your situation and makes sense.

A: Before we can provide any immigration advice, the applicant will firstly need to sign the retainer agreement. As the applicant will be the one applying for the work permit and is the client, all information and correspondence regarding the file will be supplied to the client and permission will be needed to speak to the company from the worker who is arriving. Any other contacts needed throughout the process will be on a case-by-case basis, but it is recommended as well that the company has a single point of contact to minimize any confusion.

A: Processing for LMIA applications applied for under the Global Talent Stream has a service standard of 10-business days starting from the day the file is received by Service Canada.

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