eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)



If you are a Visa-exempt foreign national who is travelling to Canada by air, you will need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). You do not need an eTA:

  • If you are travelling to Canada by land or sea;
  • If you are travelling within Canada

To check what you would need to enter Canada, click the link here. Certain countries such as Germany or France, are Visa exempt for example and thus will not require a Visitor Visa but only an eTA.


You can apply for an eTA online via the IRCC Web Account. You must have this valid eTA before boarding a flight and travelling to Canada. The process of applying is as follows:

  • You should have your passport, email, and some method of payment, such as a credit card, with you ready.
  • You will need to fill out and answer the online form
  • You will need to complete payment with a fee that is currently set at $7 CAD.
  • After this is done, you will get an email with the eTA approval. The approval email includes your eTA number.

An eTA is an entry requirement for travelers from visa-exempt countries who fly to or transit through Canada and is valid for up to five years or until the passport you used to apply for your eTA expires. The eTA allows you to travel to Canada many times and stay for up to six months except if the CBSA (the border officer) gives you a different length of stay.


An eTA simply allows you the ability to be able to travel to Canada and apply to enter Canada as a tourist. It is an instrument that allows you to board the plane and travel on a commercial carrier and has no other benefit other than what is necessary for travel.


While everyone’s case and circumstances are different, there are some common traps, pitfalls, and misconceptions when it comes to applying under this program. Here are some general and common ones we have experienced and encountered throughout the years:

As of April 26, 2022, permanent residents of the United States are exempt from the eTA requirement.

It is for some people however it might take some hours or a few days for others.

Your eTA is linked to the passport you used to apply. You need to present this passport when you check-in to your flight to Canada. You don’t need to print out any special document. However you may wish to have this email confirmation in case there is an issue.

The eTA is only needed if you are flying by plane to Canada.

All eTA-required travelers, regardless of their age, will need an eTA when they fly to Canada.


We understand that information can be found on the Internet and there are lots of other consultants or lawyers out there, so things can certainly get confusing very quickly for you. However, our value is in our services and how can simplify a sometimes-complicated process while anticipating and proactively making this whole process easy for you, from the start to the end of your immigration journey. We will guide you and provide:

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A: No. An eTA is mandatory. The airline staff will scan your passport to confirm that you have a valid eTA. If you don’t have one, you won’t be able to board your flight.

A: Yes. The eTA is electronically linked to your passport, so you need a new one for your new passport.

A: You can only apply for an eTA using a valid passport issued to you by your country of citizenship, as there are only certain countries that are Visa exempt.

A: Some other methods include INTERACOnline, JCB card, prepaid Visa, and Union Pay.

A: Each eTA must be applied for individually. You must apply for each person with their own separate passport.

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