Canadian Experience Class (Express Entry)

Canadian Experience Class


This program is relatively new in relation to other Canadian Immigration Programs but has seen a lot of success in recent years as it is a great option for people who are already in Canada to become a permanent resident. It is based on the well-reasoned premise that if you are already in school or working in Canada, you are going to be able to settle easily and successfully into Canadian Society. The program seeks to provide a pathway for people who are already working in Canada as a Temporary Worker or a Student, to offer them the option of making Canada a long-term permanent home.


To be eligible under this program, you will need to be either a Temporary worker, who has a minimum of 12 months of full-time work experience (or equal amount in part-time) 3 years before you can apply; or a student, who has graduated from a Canadian Post-Secondary Institution and has worked for at least 1 year full-time in Canada. You will also need to have gained your experience on valid work permits in Canada and under the allotted time limit to qualify under this program. All applicants under this program will need to have worked in a Managerial; Skilled; or a technical job and will be required to meet all the requisite language benchmarks under this program in English or French. It is important to point out that in addition to the requirements listed above; this program is only for people who are planning to live anywhere in Canada except Quebec. Quebec has its own version of this program called the Quebec Experience Class.



Qualifying under this program will make you a Permanent Resident (PR) of Canada. As a permanent resident, you can do anything that a Canadian citizen can do except vote or join the military. As a PR, you can travel more freely and enter many countries without needing a Visa. Additionally, this will entitle you to all the other benefits extended to all Canadians and PR’s, such as universal healthcare coverage, tax benefits and stable job opportunities. Additionally, this will entitle you to all the other benefits extended to all Canadians and P.R.’s. After you satisfy the requirements as a PR, you can then apply for Canadian Citizenship.


While everyone’s case and circumstances are different, there are some common traps, pitfalls, and misconceptions when it comes to applying under this program. Here are some general and common ones we have experienced and encountered throughout the years:

As per the Express Entry completeness check, your documents and information must adhere to these requirements. These are what the officer will be considering when they review your application. There are some areas that you must pay particular attention to as one missed point will lead to a negative decision.

You must meet the minimum Canadian work experience requirements; however, you can also declare and get points for qualifying skilled experience that was done overseas too through Express Entry.

Yes, you do get points for relatives however it is only for certain family members. A brother or sister living in Canada (PR or Canadian) will give you 15 points. Your cousin or second cousin will not give you additional points. This all forms a basis of the calculations under the Express Entry System.

While age is a factor in points, there are ways you can gain higher scores with other areas, such as education, work, or language. A younger candidate does not necessarily mean they will have optimal points to qualify in all areas either. Each situation is different, and we can surely meet with you to understand your situation better along with what the best pathways available for you may be. Click Here to book a Consultation

For CEC, self-employed work and work experience under co-op does not count under the requirements. Furthermore, all the work must be done on valid status in Canada. All work experience must be skilled work under NOC 0, A or B. However, finding the accurate NOC code and proving your skilled work experience can be tricky for some people. Each situation is different, and we can surely meet with you to understand your situation better along with what the best pathways available for you may be. Click Here to book a Consultation.


We understand that information can be found on the Internet, but it never tells the “whole story” related to your personalized situation. As well there are lots of consultant, lawyers, and scammers out there that seems to make this more confusing that this actually is. Our value to you is that we simplify and direct this process for you from the start to the end of your immigration journey. We will guide you and provide:

  • Personalized immigration advice and solutions that are tailored to your case and situation
  • Comprehensive documents and information at every stage of the process, including information and tips that can’t be found on the IRCC website
  • Affordable service with varying payment terms for the EE profile
  • Collaboration with a licensed immigration consultant who will communicate and represent your case on your behalf
  • Support and Assistance through every stage of the immigration journey, from the application, the landing and settlement in Canada.


Zero! Yes, really. Proof of funds are not required to be shown when applying under CEC.

We do not provide jobs and can’t provide employers with job offers in Canada. We help provide immigration guidance and consultations for those who want to immigrate to Canada and sometimes if we hear of an employer who is hiring then we have no issue letting you know about that. We are really good at what we do and that is Canadian immigration so we tend to stick in that area so we can best serve you while leaving the recruitment to professionals skilled in that area.

This is a loaded question and a very common one that we receive, especially with students in Canada who are unsure or those who are on PGWPs. This will depend on your situation, and it is very important for those on temporary residence, as they need that one (1) year of full-time work experience. Our consultants can discuss your work experience and what the best pathways are for you in a consultation.

This will depend on the NOC code you are applying for. For jobs under NOC 0 or A, you must get a minimum of CLB 7 or NCLC 7 in all 4 language areas (speaking, writing, reading and listening). For NOC B, a minimum of CLB 5 is required.

If you have already applied for the PR and are already in Canada, then you have the option to apply for a Bridging Open Work Permit (BOWP). This will allow you to stay in Canada as a worker while you wait for the results of your PR application.

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