Canadian Citizenship



This is the program is the final step before getting that coveted Canadian passport. Canadian citizenship and being a Canadian has benefits and advantages that are not possible with just permanent residency. Whether you are a PR who satisfied the requirements or the spouse of a Canadian citizen, this program allows you to finally make Canada your permanent home.


To meet the eligibility requirements for Citizenship, you must:

  • Meet the physical presence requirements of at least 1,095 days (3 years) during the 5 years
  • Have filed taxes in Canada for at least 3 years during the 5 years right before the date you apply
  • Have permanent resident (PR) status in Canada
  • Prove your proficiency in English or French (Canada’s official languages) – if you are 18 to 54 years of age on the day you sign your application
  • Pass the citizenship test – if you are 18 to 54 years of age on the day you sign your application

There are additional or different requirements depending on your circumstances, such as if you are applying for a minor (under 18 years old).



Being a Canadian offers many privileges that temporary residents and permanent residents do not have access to. Canadians can legally vote and apply for jobs that are restricted, such as certain government or high security positions. The Canadian passport allows access and entry to many countries, so you will not need an eTA or a Visa to travel. You are also able to travel freely within Canada. You can study and attend school for reduced fees as a local student, compared to international students, who pay sometimes double the fees. You can also apply for different tax and government benefits, along with financial aid. Lastly you are Permanently part of this country and can not be denied entry as a right.


While everyone’s case and circumstances are different, there are some common traps, pitfalls, and misconceptions when it comes to applying under this program. Here are some general and common ones we have experienced and encountered throughout the years:

It can be some for some! But everyone’s case is different, and it is your responsibility to prove to the officer that you have met the eligibility requirements to qualify. Should there be any issues or factors, which may be out of your control, you will need to deal with the government. If some of your information is complicated, such as lots of travel outside of the country or language test scores, then you may face some issues with your application. We commonly see people looking at this application and mistakenly thinking that it is easy from the outset, and while “Yes” it is easier than most programs, you would be surprised about how little mistakes can delay this or lead this to a negative result.

This is incorrect. If you don’t pass the test after 3 tries, your application will be refused. You would need to re-apply for Citizenship to try again. This takes preparation and has a limited scope, so you will need to make sure that you prepare.

You must have been physically present in Canada for minimum of 1,095 days (3 years) during the 5 years before the date you sign your application. If you left the country during this time, even for one day, this will be subtracted from the total. Sometimes the calculations can be tricky, and you can even include any days as a temporary resident prior to becoming a PR. You need to count the physical presence days properly.

Marrying a Canadian citizen doesn’t give you Canadian citizenship and you will need to apply for this, including meeting any requirements. If you don’t live in Canada and are not a PR, your spouse will need to sponsor you first.

Only those who are 18 to 54 years of age on the day the application was signed have to take the Citizenship test. Whereas for the Oath of Ceremony, applicants who are 14 years old or over must go to the Citizenship ceremony and take the oath.


We understand that information can be found on the Internet and there are lots of other consultants or lawyers out there, so things can certainly get confusing very quickly for you. However, our value is in our services and how can simplify a sometimes-complicated process while anticipating and proactively making this whole process easy for you, from the start to the end of your immigration journey. We will guide you and provide:

  • An affordable service with an individualized payment schedule to suit any budget
  • Comprehensive documents required for the process, including information and tips that can’t be found on the IRCC website
  • Personalized immigration advice and solutions that are tailored to your case
  • Collaboration with a licensed immigration consultant who will communicate and represent your case on your behalf
  • Support and Assistance through every stage of the process, from the application, the Citizenship test, Oath of Ceremony and after the approval.


A: Yes, you can. Each day spent in Canada as a temporary resident or protected person within the last 5 years counts as one half day when you calculate your physical presence. You can add and calculate this with your total days. You can use a maximum of 365 days as a temporary resident or protected person toward your time spent in Canada.

A: This will depend on your situation and the reasons for not filing taxes. We suggest you speak to a consultant who can discuss this with you in a consultation.

A: You can use the online tool to answer the questions and see what documents you can use. For example, documents can include a diploma, IELTS, or TEF test. For language tests, you will also need to meet the required CLB level.

A: The citizenship test is based on the study guide: Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship. It will be 20 questions on law, history, and geography, etc.

A: You will take the Oath of Citizenship, receive your Citizenship certificate, sign the Oath of Citizenship form, and sing the national anthem. You will receive a notice to appear with the information, date, and any documents to bring.

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